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Chinese chestnut is a kind of common food, the protein content and amylaceous content dispute in Chinese chestnut often abounds, chinese chestnut is provided by be good at lienal the action that raises a stomach, still have the effect with hemostatic invigorate the circulation of blood, especially acerbity lumbago of old people occurrence waist, pee perhaps coughs often asthmaFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Disease, eat a few Chinese chestnut appropriately, it is OK alleviate very well of these symptoms, chinese chestnut is in at ordinary times having a way is very much, no matter be water,frying eat, flavour is very delicate.

How is bright chestnut boiled

How is bright chestnut boiled delicious?

Fresh Chinese chestnut is put in water to boil directly particularly delicious, when boiling fresh Chinese chestnut, need cleans Chinese chestnut clean with clear water first, put Qing Dynasty againLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Immerse half hours in water, put in boiler next, put full amount clear water to heat after be being burned, boil 20 minutes or so again, the Chinese chestnut in boiler can squashy, at this moment Chinese chestnut is taken out withLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Hind, take out crust, use the pulp inside directly, flavour pleasant is sweet, mouthfeel soft glutinous, particularly delicious.

How is bright chestnut boiled

The Chinese chestnut that boil wants how long

It is 20 minutes commonly, the method is different nevertheless time also is different.

1, Chinese chestnut is boiled with water, need to boil 20 minutes or so commonly.

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Practice: Chinese chestnut 1000g, clear water is right amount. Put bowl inside, add end to cross the water with chestnut more face. Boil Chinese chestnut with cold water, conflagration boil, through 15 minutes or so, trade small fire, boil a few minutes again with small fire. Boil Chinese chestnut ripe, involve fire, stew period of time. Common saying says: “7 minutes ripe, cover 3 minutes ” it is this truth, not only province fire, food is stewed boil softlier sodden.

2, high-pressured boiler boils a law

Put chestnut in high-pressured boiler, what do not put is too much, appreciably puts bit of water, time probably 30, 40 minutes or so.

Practice: Chinese chestnut 1000g, clear water is right amount. Chinese chestnut is abluent in be being put into the bravery inside electric pressure cooker. Add clear water, the choice is all-purpose stewed function, time setting is 35 minutes. Open a lid next can edible.

How is bright chestnut boiled

Want water to boil Chinese chestnut can fast flay, have two kinds of methods:

1, before water is boiled, start to talk with penknife equalize cross, the attention uses a knife, skin of the chestnut after water is boiled can go up, easy flay.

2, in heat is being taken the advantage of to pour cold water after water is boiled, time does not grow too, 10 a few 20 seconds are scooped, chestnut skin can contract to go more easilyShanghai noble baby

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Skin. Manage together, put into Yi Ke of freezer urgent aspic after the heat that boil, the edible after freezing has local color additionally one time.

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