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It is the demand is very high that the patient of heart disease is returned to dietary respect actually, the food that needs to eat a few bodies to oneself to had been compared ability is possible, do not want what the disease breaks out again to eat any meetings to cause his, e.g. a few more excitant food, especially yoke cannot eat quite, these contain cholesterol too exorbitant, nevertheless this plants Durian food is to be able to eat, won’t have any harm.

Can heart disease eat Durian

1, lie in bed answers to rest when miocardial infarction acute breaks out, as far as possible little move a patient.

2, indoor keep quiet, must not cry is vociferant, lest stimulate patient accentuation illness, meanwhile, instantly withForum of Shanghai night net

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Emergency treatment center gets in touch.

3, during awaiting an ambulance, if produce asthma of heart failure, hold back, mouth to spit a large number of pink bubble phlegmy and too fat patient, low sufficient perch meets the head aggravating bosom is frowsty, can help a patient up to take only lie partly or upright seat.

4, if discover defectLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Person pulse slim and fragile, limb is frozen, Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Clew may produce shock, should make the same score the patient gently put on the bed, go pillow, in order to increase hematic flow. Let a patient contain serve monobel, need aching or the medicaments such as Su Gexiang bolus.

Can heart disease eat Durian

6, irritating person can take stable wait for composed medicine, but unfavorable drink water more, should abstinence. Solve loose collar button, belt, conditional suction oxygen, notice heat preservation. If patient pulse disappears suddenly, the heart outside answering to make a breast instantly is pressed press and breathe artificially, and cannot midway halt, after must lasting to send a hospital rescue.

The first, reduce weight. Fat person the scale far outclass that contracts heart disease is normal the person of weight, especially ” malic form ” figure (lumbar buttock is fat) the person is more dangerous. Want an old person to reduce weight only 3, 5 kilograms, heart state can have very big improvement. In the meantime, expertShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Admonish fatter old person, do not count on oneself to become super model at a draught, should mix through balance food take exercise to achieve the goal that reduce weight gradually.

The 2nd, eat yoke less. The yoke of an average volume is contained aboutFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Cholesterol 200 milligram. Old person braverySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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If sterol is taller, a week can eat two yoke only at most.

The 3rd, move more. Move 20 minutes moderately everyday, the odds that can make contract heart disease decreases 30% , the effect that takes quickly is best.

The 4th, smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline. Double the scale that the person that smoke contracts heart disease is the person that do not smoke. Consider to discover, smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline 2, after 3 years, the risk that contracts heart disease can fall to the level like the person that do not smoke.

Can heart disease eat Durian

The 5th, notice food. In living at ordinary times, insist to eat low adipose food, wait like lean lean and low fat dairy produce.

The 6th, right amount drink. 1 week is drunk 3, 9 cups of wine are right amount, have profit to the heart. But should notice to not be too fond of drink, because drink,excessive meeting causes heart disease.

The 7th, be careful diabetic. The proportion that diabetic person contracts heart disease is 4 times of someone else. Accordingly, the old person wants fixed check-up, right diabetic ” early discovery, early treatment ” .

The 8th, dominate a sentiment. Grumpy, encounter sudden incident incontrollable oneself, cause heart disease easily also.

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