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Do not have albumen white as far as possible to children, if if eat should eat less, because the child’s intestines and stomach is perfect without development still, and the food that albumen pink belongs to a kind of high protein, on one hand it is gone against digest, return the nephritic function to the child possibly to bring bad influence on one hand additionally, as want for the child if complement is protein, should from complement has among food, we will read the content of this respect.

 Can children drink albumen pink

It is good that the child has albumen white notLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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The bases of albumen pink is protein, it is the high protein powder that comes out from the extract in casein and serum albumen, soja albumen, the child’s proper edible egg whitening can supply enough amino acid, to the child’s growth development is mixed and immune force has very big stimulative effect.

Protein is the part that contains in a lot of food, and the protein content in a lot of food in the life is extremely high still, normal food1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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It is can contented human body the demand to protein, do not need completely to complement through edible albumen pink, best to protein complementing for the child method is to feed of course fill, contain the food with faster protein to complement to be not worth proteinly through edible, undeserved can increase many protein to still can complement at the same time other nutriment, avoid other1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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The circumstance with insufficient microelement, also can avoid albumen pink edible to pass the loss of many pairs of liver and kidney.

 Can children drink albumen pink

Contain the food with fast protein to have: Egg, milk, lean lean, soja, corn, millet.

The child’s can proper edible egg whitening, but unfavorable eat more, the main metabolization organ that a lot of people know albumen pink is the liver of human body and kidney, the development of the child’s liver and kidney is not very perfect, more puerile also, the function also is not very comprehensive, overmuch edible egg whitening can raise child kidney and hepatic metabolization negative charge, serious person the disease that causes kidney and liver possibly.

Buy nutrient health care to taste need what to notice

1.Health food, because of the composition between the brand the mechanism of the method of the effect or effect is different, different, increase the individual diversity of the crowd, can appear the person ate same goods great majority to have the effect, individual person had the idea with not apparent effect, at this moment notShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Hamper changes a brand, with different the commodity of effect way or effect mechanism tries, eliminate the possibility of individual difference.

2.The action of health food relatively alleviation, the time of edible should be a bit some longer, some can consider relatively chronically edible. But if some health food reduce weight kind, do not answer when action reachs normal person level again edible.

 Can children drink albumen pink

3.Health care tastes tasting is safety to human body, on the product manual that optimal edible quantity is approval of examine and verify of course country Ministry of Public Health recommend edible to measure.

4.Health care is tasted article apply to specific crowd. When health food of choose and buy, must examine product label and manual in detail, see oneself whether belong the specific person that this product indicatesFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Group, avoid insignificant edible. Certain product has in the mark on label and manual ” unsuited crowd ” project, should try to notice when the choose and buy.

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