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Believe great majority friend metropolis skip. Actually skip can reduce weight, and learn to be met, exceedingly simple. The pattern of skip is various, need not worry in skip when can feel dry. And, the time that when skip reduces weight, needs is not long also, it is 20 minutes are controlled to half hour probably, still be a kind of motion having oxygen. Skip reduces weight have a lot ofShanghai noble baby

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Advantage, introduce below.

Skip is to oxygen motion has what advantage

? Skip advantage reducing weight: What can eliminate hip and huckle is redundant and adipose. Actually skip is the campaign that pull one hair and uses the whole body, basically eliminate coxal, ham adipose the blood that still can let whole person circulates, eliminate oedema. Handy, interesting, do not accept climate, positional influence. The space that skip place needs is less, onlyLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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The area that should have an evenness can. Make respiratory system, heart, cardiovascular system gets taking exercise adequately. Successive skip can make breath is deepened, the heartbeat is accelerated, quicken metabolism, make blood is obtained moreShanghai Long Feng forum

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Much oxygen, make breath and cardiovascular system get full1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Branch takes exercise.

? The choice of skip tool reducing weight: Compare on option market have an electron advancedly enumerated cord, besides automatic computation function, still can show used up how many calories of quantity of heat, quite walk the numerical value of how many kilometer, very convenient. Skip of this kind of electron showed effect makes the person that reduce weight has confidence to continue to reduce weight more, and have see the effect immediately.

? Need attention, although say skip has a lot of profit, but when beginning to learn skip, do not feel new developed area is abundant with respect to a headShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Take exercise. CorrectShanghai noble baby

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The practice is, be in the first time when learning, skip is controlled ten minutes, the time that stays the left and right sides 3 days next practices skip again, such ability won’t because the first time practice and bring about body ache.

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