” battleground 5 ” first premonitory head sow time exposure to fall to disappear not to come loose Saturday

” battleground ” game officer net is updated now, affirm new ” battleground 5 ” will at ET time on May 6 afternoon at 4 o’clock to the world head first prevue that broadcasts game, beijing time was on May 7 began at 4 o’clock in the morning.

At the appointed time besides first prevue, the government still can have lecture of a developer, lars Gustavsson of originality chief inspector and chief producer Aleksander Grondal will be elaborated to present media player ” battleground ” in the past, develop with what did not come now.

Good news was on May 7 it is Saturday, if want to be in the word that sees for a short while, first past official net perhaps watchs game here prevue before can rising early.

According to the Logo below government-owned net, ” battleground 5 ” remain cold frost 3 engine are made, and before Ceng Wei ” battleground ” the company also participated in the UPRISE that develops webpage browser to start game to come in. It seems that ” battleground 5 ” want and ” battleground 3 ” , ” battleground 4 ” same, PC edition also should be started through the webpage enter game.

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