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Blizzard should how public relations? From ” you do not have a mobile phone ” speak of       The day that reads textual the closest blizzard is very uneasy really, from last year on fine time ” jest of outdated all fools’ day ” begin, every have the negative news of blizzard to appear for some time too, development hand swims, contest of suspensive storm report, cut down the member of persons employed etc, but blizzard regard a game as the company, do not have beautiful on public relations too much work it seems that, a few recent operations are to make a person puzzle really. This article wants to talk about special in game operation key today and the issue that is ignored extremely easily: Public feelings deals with. The power of public feelings from why and come? The blizzard last year after fine time, that one ” don’t you have a mobile phone? ” became the stalk of blizzard, travel in countless network community. Although you had not seen fine time, believe you also had heard of this word. Do not know everybody has thought, why blizzard a not quite proper expression, can have power so, cause very abominable effect? Abroad starts work play high self-restrained ” wolf ” neither of self-defence of rain of block of umbrella of bone of iron exceeding cruel by accident     Read old enemy of textual palace Qi once more of outrageous player expect your work " wolf " just put on sale explodes reputably watch, already each player indulges self-abuse is touched deeply in, and one starts work played high to revealed those who abstain recently ” wolf ” umbrella of bone of iron of battle exceeding cruel, neither of block rain self-defence by accident shake turns over a netizen, come along below prostrate. This great mind comes from · namely of England starting work is the person enrages YouTuber advocate sow, Mr Colinfurze, he can make a few quite interesting things and netizen always at ordinary times share, and as ” wolf ” big heat, the protagonist that becomes before him is magical ” make use of sb ” , affirm by the player, exceeded umbrella of cruel iron bone to also come then! Tecent article starts plenary session: Linkage of involuntary discharge of urine of article of China of DNF general open promotes Chinese culture with all one’s strength        Read textual on March 24 today, tecent is newest culture congress ” 2019 Tecent new language starts zoology plenary session ” hold, be in just in direct seeding, tecent tall canal brought a person to enrage game ” DNF ” latest news, according to compere introduction, originally advocate those who hit dark Hei Tulong to fasten a style ” DNF ” the linkage of will main open and bequest of Chinese material culture, promote Chinese traditional culture. According to the introduction of compere, this second name of plan of linkage of involuntary discharge of urine of article of DNF general China is ” DNF Oriental blue print plans ” , will make a country take exclusive district, the country is taken exclusive subterranean city is fastened with body playing a way, china is the richest in the past city general former condition reproduces the Cheng Tang of great reputation on the west at game in, in showing true national treasu新上海贵族宝贝论坛

re collect carefully game with the collaboration such as Shaanxi museum. After IPhone is born 10 years, we saw it makes the appearance before the mobile phone eventually       Read textual in October 2017 portion, the tribute that the apple released iPhone10 anniversary — IPhone X, this mobile phone assembles a lot of advanced science and technology, no matter be to wait for wide abnormity quadrilateral comprehensive screen, still be the person facial identifying accomplishs the F阿爱上海同城

ace ID that pays class security the first, IPhone X is undoubtedly in those days the most advanced most the mobile phone that has feeling of science and technology, before be like 10 years, its earliest elder when generation IPhone is born same. Let us go time time retreat, the meeting when seeing till us finger is slip for the first time is bringing the iner爱上海同城对对碰

tial scroll, magical feeling that spring back effect has when reaching the summit after all interface. I waited one day this to had waited two years half. On January 9, 2007, qiao Busi of deceased · of husband of malic CEO history the base of a fruit says so when rolling out IPhone. Towering fury abreacts however wrong! Foreigner vitta advocate 5000 kilometers anger hits the car that sow drive Gu Ge headquarters      Read textual the player of some screen b上海夜网论坛

ackside is initiated anger coming can not be angry break the rank of clavier screen, recently vitta of a foreigner advocate the video that because oneself are sent,sows and Zhang date by ” cutout ” and towering fury break out, 5000+ kilometers anger hits direct drive car cereal so上海贵族宝贝

ng headquarters, arrest, however its origin lets a person find both funny and annoying, the wife that is him actually stealthily of cutout. The intermediary outside recently is opposite · the wife of Long Ge of triumphant Er · did party to interview, carry the whole story that understood this issue. Long Ge of triumphant Er · is a vitta advocate sow, the video that sent recently ” light upstart method ” abrupt by cutout, and Zhang date unexpectedly also by cutout, this lets his fury erupt greatly simply, not hesitate 5000 kilometers anger hits drive car cereal song headquarters asks to renew cutout bugle call. China open box to reflect exposure for P30 Pro: Use design of hyperboloid water screen        Read textual draw near as what release, about China be P30 set new machine explode makings is increasing, the intermediary outside now gave off a box of P30 Pro to illuminate again, look together. Famous explode makings personage Roland Quandt just was given off China illuminate for a box of P30 Pro, the photograph shows China used design of hyperboloid water screen for P30 Pro, still have on the box that pack classical ” Lai gets stuck ” label, at the same time English confirmed this machine carries postposition 4 photograph. Do not have be over as expected! Netflix edition ” Qi Munan is male ” achieve animation newly to make formerly affirmatory      Read textual exhibit greatly with respect to the Japanese animation in be being held ” AnimeJapan 2019 ” the message that goes up to make vermicelli made from bean starch publicly excited, finished announces for many times before ” Qi Munan’s male disaster ” want to revive, will land Netflix this time to make brand-new start series formerly! · ” AnimeJapan 2019 ” exhibit greatly fervent in holding, on newest informal discussion, gu Hao history and Mao Ye love the god the garment 2 ” Qi Munan is male ” actor of sound of for use of an emperor disclosed jointly ” Qi Munan’s male disaster ” new information, old make had continued no longer 新上海贵族宝贝论坛

really, change a Netflix platform general open is brand-new the venture that starts series formerly!

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