Steel iron plate piece press light of litre of 3 steel Fujian quickly harden

Early now dish, steel iron plate piece pull quickly litre, up to distribute news dispatches, 3 steel上海千花网

Fujian is smooth, *2 strong harden such as ST Hua Ling, this steel plate goes up 6.73% , 81 iron and steel go up 6.12% , willow steel share, na Gang share, saddle steel share, xining spy steel, steel of Central Plains spy, equestrian steel share, square big special steel go up exceed 3% .

It is reported, steel assist standing vice-chairman Gu Jianguo expressed a few days ago, 2017, national economy came true good a bureau, dissolve iron and steel especially superfluous industry, cleared ” ground bar iron ” working abidance is advanced deep, move smoothly for steely industry created favorable external environment.

In addition, hair change appoint already strengthened supervise and ur爱上海同城对对碰

ge examination, ensure at be being banned thoroughly before June 30 ” ground bar iron ” . The distance clears in the round ” ground bar iron ” final time limit draws near, each province city already was announced in succession ” ground bar iron ” the company manages circumstance, among them, hunan Province deals with 11 ” ground bar iron ” enterprise, in involving (la上海夜网论坛

bour) frequency furnace 82, produce can 3.15 million tons; Cho上海龙凤论坛

ngqing city bans 20 ” ground bar iron ” enterprise, in involving (labour) frequency furnace 83, produce can two million eight hundre新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

d and ninety-one thousand seven hundred tons.

To this, analytic personage points out, economic structure transition and upgrade drive steely industry to grow quickly, the price goes force is powerful aid outstanding achievement to be improved continuously at cost. Additional, “Ground bar iron ” clear be restricted to will come greatly, “Ground bar iron ” of the enterprise close stop, right steel price was formed this year prop up strongly, value steely industry to invest an opportunity, hopeful of bibcock steel look forward to is greeted rise good luck.

The negotiable securities that start line of business expresses, demand of steely industry second half of the year is not pessimistic, supply systole hopeful is strengthen上海龙凤论坛

ed further, continue to value next the investment opportunity of steely industry, the proposal digs second half of the year to invest an opportunity from three angle: 1. Senior capable person takes higher company: Square big special share of light of Fujian of steel, Shao Gangsong hill, 3 steel, Ling Gang; 2. Appraise is worth inferior enterprise: Share of 81 iron and steel, Na Gang, equestrian steel share; 3. Useless steel times is benefited of mark: Element of square big charcoal.

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