A or receive autocycle business again: IPO of spring breeze motivation crosses negotiable security of meeting heart state to protect Jian

Dispatch card inspect will meet Chinese net finance and economics on July 12 evening was announced yesterday ” advocate board hair careful appoint 2017 result of examine and verify of the 104th conference ” , inc. of motivation of Zhejiang spring breeze (the following abbreviation ” spring breeze motivation ” ) head hair application is obtained through.

The data shows, spring breeze motivation advocate the research and development that business Wu is things of the market after complete 阿爱上海同城

landform car, autocycle, houseboat is reached to wait, production and sale. The book of raise capital by floating shares that publishs before this shows, spring breeze motivation plans this not to exceed thirty-three million three hundred and thirty-three thousand four hundred at handing in place to be issued publicly, plan collect capital 598 million yuan, plan to be used at high-end sportswear to have intelligence is made optimize promotion project of system of construction of center of project, research and development, sale management and fund of compensatory battalion transport. As we have learned, this the orgnaization protecting Jian of IPO is spring breeze motivation heart state negoti爱上海同城手机版

able security.

Meet too while, spring breeze motivation needs to show the following issues further:

1, since March 2016, spring breeze motivation gives agency letter financing business to transfer Northpoint Commercial Finance LLC(stage by stage north of the following abbreviation selects finance) reason and rationality, report period each period the amount that the company nods finance to buy a product from north, pertinent information is announced whether adequately.

2, whether does come-and-go of associated square capital affect independent character of spring breeze motiva上海龙凤论坛


on and standard to run inside report period, system of company capital management is rigid, be on guard associated square capital takes up inside control is spent effective.

3, the circumstance such as competition of cost of combinative product breed, price, unit, market and oneself advantage, spring breeze motivation needs to explain course of study of person of the same trade of prep above of product wool interest rate can compare company average level further and the account with fluctuant conflicting trend and rationality, cost cost is complete enter an item in an account, relevant risk is announced whether adequately.

4, about the report period inside officer’s car sale increases an issue considerably, spring breeze motivation needs to explain: (1) reports period inside 新上海贵族宝贝论坛

the reason with bigger range of growth of officer’s car sale, whether to have but durative; (Of order of 2) officer’s car get means to reach its to add up to compasses sex; (3) business service expends form, utility, confirm basis and its rationality, whether to involve commercial bribery, photograph inside Shanghaiguan accuses measure effective.

5, spring breeze motivation needs to show company of as finite as industry of Polaris of United States of POLAR爱上海龙凤419桑拿

IS INDUSTRIES INC(liability further) lawsuit and reconcile circumstance, relevant litigation matter and litigant outcome manage the material effect that reachs financial positive result to company production; The basis reconciles agreement, the company is made relevant the reason that dismisses lawsuit to permit commitment and its rationality; The company closes built-in control institution about the intellectual property photograph such as patent build mix soundly carry out a circumstance effectively, whether can manage generation to lasting of the company legally adverse effect, pertinent information and risk are announced whether adequately.

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