Li Ao is cruel thin it is what reason Li Ao got what disease to be able to live how long

Login register text of news of finance and economics of center of news of the network austral Fujian is Li Ao cruel thin what reason be how long did Li Ao get to you can live origin: ? ?2017-08-07 15:0 of huge rock of discharge  contraction2 Http://

Occupy Taiwan media 4 days to report, year even more 82 years old, pass the body to hold ailmenting Taiwan in the arms to know master home Li Ao to pass its repeatedly of late child gregarious platform account at 3 days of evening outward bound signs up for restful.

Li Kan is released in the picture of sina small gain

Through sina small gain is seen, of Li Ao child Li 上海千花网论坛

Kan is written, will 25 years had received the most marvellous birthday present: One restores healthy father; Father and son is below the character the group photo of 2 people, li Ao wears disease to take, inserting nose stomach to be in charge of, the body form w上海千花社区

ith gesticulation unpleasant angular attack by surprise of the victory, its上海贵族宝贝论坛

are small brachial identifying wrist belt shows, li Ao’s Great Master has not left hospital.

The media message such as newspaper of the electron when integrated combination is news network, medium, li Ao dropped because of immune force a few days ago bring about pneumonic aggravation, be terminally ill f爱上海同城

or a time intubate, experience 7 talents escape from a danger. This year earlier, be weighed by him of fish brain tumor, life remnant 3 years; Li Kan disclosed in May, go to meet with before father danger sopt.

In June, agent Zheng Naijia publishs a letter of Great Master holograph. Li Ao says in the letter, want to be made with family, friend, personal enemy leave; Announce, new program will open in the mainland ” good-bye plum Ao ” leave to the world. Predict at 爱上海同城手机版

that time, the immediately after the middle ten days of a month will leave hospital in July prepares kinescope.

Zheng Naijia still discloses, height 174 centimeters Li Ao is current weight is only 58 kilograms.

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